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March 17th, 2008:

10,000 BC

Since I had the day off, spring break, and my landlord was showing my apartment to several perspective new occupants, I decided to take the chance to do something I don’t normally do and go see a movie in theaters. The movie I chose was called 10,000 BC and while I had a wonderful time watching it (completely alone in the middle of a theater at least two stories tall), I’m not sure I would recommend it to most people as you have to go in compared to completely suspend disbelief. That said, the movie has qualities that would appeal to many people: action, true love, impressive CGI, and, most importantly for me, a small yet instrumental cameo appearance by Zea mays. 😉

Dragon Day

Last Friday was dragon day on campus. So I thought I’d post a pointer to my new pictures on Flickr. What is dragon day? Basically it’s a way for students to blow off steam the day before Spring Break. The first year art students stay up all night building a dragon, which they then parade through campus accompanied by lots of students in costumes, finally burning the dragon in the middle of the Arts Quad. Meanwhile the rest of us, except the Engineering students, line the street and cheer as the dragon goes up in flames. The reason the Engineering students aren’t there to cheer is that they’re building a separate Phoenix as a challenge to the Art students. The Phoenix is very hit or miss, but this year it was a definite success.The Phoenix