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April 29th, 2008:

Cornell Pictures on Flickr

After all the time I spent taking pictures of the campuses where I interviewed, I thought it’d only be fair to put up pictures of my alma mater (can I call it that yet, or do I have to wait until I ACTUALLY graduate?) Anyway, my timing worked out well and I got to document the campus on the best spring day I can remember from the past four years. Of course it had to happen a few weeks before I left for home, and thence to grad school. I think I’ve talked to everyone who reads this already, but if we haven’t talked in the last few weeks, I finally decided to accept the offer of UC-Berkeley’s plant biology program. For a summary of my visit to Berkeley, see Arriving in Berkeley, Another Day of 1000 interviews, Second Night … In Berkeley and Wrap up in Berkeley. This weekend I’ll be flying back home to be best man at the wedding of a good friend of mine. There may or may not be pictures afterwards. But here are a couple of examples of Cornell in the springtime (for more pictures you can either click on these pictures, or the thumbnail pictures on the right hand menu to visit my flickr account):
Blooming Tree by Uris
What Spring Should Look Like
And this isn’t really a cornell specific picture, but it’s a Cobra Lilly, and that’s just cool!:
Cobra Lilly