A day in the life

Many people ask me what it is I do in grad school. Well a few people anyway. I never have a good answer. Without further introduction…


When I was home for new years, my dad was really excited about this group he’d found online where people would film their day and edit it into a 90 second clip. So 40+ minutes of film, some odd camera arrangements and two hours of editing later, this clip was born.

Sorry about the poor sound quality, when I had to replace a big piece of my digital camera after making the mistake of packing it in a suitcase that was gate checked last year the replacement I ordered off ebay came with a damaged mic. Normally I don’t take video and therefor don’t notice.

My days aren’t that exciting. But it was a lot of fun learning iMovie again. And filming myself at work called for some odd arrangements:
Pipet tower of video