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So what do you all enjoy reading about?

I’ve got a couple of indirect ways of estimating changes in the number of subscribers to my RSS feed, and from my, very, VERY rough, estimates, it looks like it’s been increasing a lot faster than actual click-throughs to articles. Even if you read only one post and actually find a bit of science that excites you, I’ve done something completely worthwhile.

However, I did want to give everyone a chance, both new subscribers and regulars (has this site been around long enough to have regulars?) to let me know what kind of information drew you to this site, and/or what you’re interested in reading about.

There are so many things I’d love to write about but realistically I’ve only got time to write a couple of posts a day (being a grad student is actually a lot of work, and until recently I’ve always been the sort of person who needs to spend a couple of hours a day relaxing/decompressing/.) So if there’s anything in particular you’ve enjoyed reading about on this site, speak up!

That’s not a demand, it’s not even a request, just an open invitation.


  1. EJ says:

    I started to work at the bio-informatics department in a company with a focus on molecular genetics and biotechnology for the plant breeding industry. Coming from a prokaryotic workfield, blogs that involve plant-genetics are very interesting. I’m not sure how you lured me, I guess from a post of another blog 🙂


    1. James says:

      Cool! My university lumps microbial and plant people together (I guess in their eyes we’re non-animal biologists), and the plus side has been learning a random assortment of cool prokaryote biology (for example the biosynthesis of B12) that I never would have heard about otherwise.

  2. Mary says:

    I like variety, actually. That’s what I rely on the blogs for. New cool papers, current news issues, but the educational pieces as well. Interesting links. Funny diversions.

    Don’t constrain yourself for us.

    1. James says:

      Alright then, as much random interesting stuff as I can manage it shall be!

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