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Corn Genome

So I was mixed up and didn’t think this could be publically mentioned until tomorrow, but the finalized corn genome has come out. Edited this link to point to the ISU coverage which seems to be more detailed than the release from Wash U. If Wash U can mention it, so can I. Expect tomorrow to be a day of corn here at Jamesandthegiantcorn (though it would have been more fun if I could had started the day of corn before this news was publically announced.)

Lots of corn … and maybe some genomics. Consider yourselves forwarned!


  1. Mary says:

    Wow–85% transposable elements? And they don’t want _us_ messing with the genomes???


    1. James says:

      Plus more diversity than between humans and chimps and a genome that’s still have genes whacked by deletions today after a whole genome duplication ten million years ago.

      Yet I try to point that out to people and get responses like “@szintri That’s right . . . nature can scramble in useful ways.”

      1. Mary says:

        Heh. It’s cracking me up that corn is 85% not corn.

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