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April 1st, 2010:

This one has me stumped

Was pointed at a website for popped sorghum marketed under the name popghum. The greater supposed advantages over normal popcorn are:

It’s got fewer calories and less fat than popcorn, and best of all, it has no hulls to get stuck in your teeth!

Website is very slick with lots of text recycled from page to page and without many confirmable details and you can’t actually place an order but the story stops just short of the being outrageous enough to be an obvious april fools prank.

I’d like this to be true (even though they use organic sorghum) because I’m almost as pro-sorghum as I am pro-corn, but I don’t even know if sorghum can be reliably popped. If you were ever been bored enough as a kid to try popping sweet or field corn, you too know what an unrewarding experience it is.

Best of April Fools So Far

Plant Gene Ring Tones: “My species ring tone sounds a lot like Arabidopsis thaliana. How can I find a better one?”

Science and Nature become one: “readers will have the option of Skyping authors directly to share their thoughts and feelings about a paper simply by clicking that author’s name” Cover of the first issue of Natural Science.

Undergrads sequence sea lion genome: “uses next-generation sequencing technology as one of the tools to investigate the interactions between the large and small organisms within an ecosystem.”

Early review of the iPad: “Anyone who asks this has obviously never sauntered up to a highly fortified UPS depot and emerged with one of the hottest new tech gadgets before anyone else.”