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August 29th, 2010:

Apple Genome

Once more, science by press release. Word of the apple (Malus domestica) genome comes first from popular press stories around the web, although there is a mention of a Nature Genetics article, so hopefully more details will be forthcoming.

-The popular press stories do mention a tetraploidy in Apple ~65 million years ago, but that’s been the one useful bit of information I’ve come across so far.

Apples are part of the rosid family, which contains the majority of publicly available plant genomes. That’s both a good and a bad thing. The apple genome won’t provide insight into a whole new branch of the plant family tree, but on the other hand, it’s closely enough related to many other sequenced species to enable more detailed comparative genomics.

If you know where to download a copy of the apple genome, or come across the paper describing it, drop me a line and I’ll add the information to this post. Otherwise I’ll revisit this story in a few days, and see if enough information has become available to let me add apple to our list of sequenced plant genomes.

h/t to @mem_somerville