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November 23rd, 2010:

New maize gene models are out!

These are the official annotations for version two of the maize genome assembly. For the official release I need to point you to a text file on an FTP site (sorry). You can download all the new genomic information here.

In version one the maize sequencing consortium released two separate sets of gene models. A list of 32,400 high confidence gene models known as the maize “filtered gene set”, and a list of over 110,000 gene models known as the maize “working gene set.” There were very good reasons to do this at the time, but it was a pain for a lot of people since depending on what questions you studied you might use one set of annotations or the other.

In version two the maize genome folks have released a single set of 110,028 genes. Intimidated? So was I. Fortunately it’s not quite as intimidating a pile of data as it sounds. (more…)