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November 29th, 2008:

The Triffids are Coming Back

The BBC has announced they’ll be releasing a new version of Day of the Triffids next year!

“Set in 2011, millions of people are blinded when they observe a meteor shower, leading to a breakdown in civilisation. The Triffids, an oil-producing plant crop, escape captivity and begin to breed rapidly and attack people. It is up to Dr Bill Masen to fight against them to prevent the end of humankind.”

Flesh eating biofuel plants, what’s not to enjoy? Hopeful it’ll be Dr. Bill Masen PhD. I’m not sure how having an MD would be relevant to a fight against murderous plants, but you never know.

New Host

After work today I moved this blog to a new website. It was actually surprisingly complicated to copy the SQL database over, but now everything seems to be working successfully. Drop a comment if you notice any broken features on the site.