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It’s Been Two Years!

…since my first entry. I wish I could call it a lengthy piece of insightful writing, but sadly, it is not.

With two years of data I can say that there’s a hint of an annual pattern to my writting with greatest number of entries being written in the final months of the calandar year and the least during the summer months. But two 1-year datasets isn’t nearly enough to prove a trend, simply suggest one.

It’s been a lot of fun to become more engaged in the online community the past couple of years,particularly the last six months or so as this site slowly transitioned from a cool new computational toy to mess around with, to a way of communicating with friends and family, to (what I now like to imagine is) a place that’s telling interesting stories about plant genetics to people, some of whom I’ve never met, who might not have come across it otherwise.

When considering what ancient quotes to dig up from the archieves for this entry, there really wasn’t much contest. From Another Day of 10,000 Interviews (talking about part of my visit to Berkeley to interview for the graduate program I later joined):

This time I have seven[interviews]. Three with faculty, and four with the labs of absent professors. And I can honestly say that I walked out of each interview very excited about the science in that lab. … the grad students here at Berkelely seem happy.

And from Wrap up in Berkeley (the same visit):

I still can’t get used to palm trees. I’ve seen them in movies, but then again, I’ve seen velociraptors in movies too, and in my mind they both have about equal business showing up in the real world where people go about their daily business.