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The Iowan Wedding

I landed in Des Moines at 2 pm on Friday, got to my parents’ house and turned on my cell phone at 3:30 and was occupied with my best-manly duties pretty much constantly from then until late saturday night. Not having been to a wedding since my uncle’s a decade ago I don’t have a lot of benchmarks to go on, but it seems to have gone off relatively smoothly. (Though I’ve confirmed my low opinion of the average professional photographer.) I didn’t have my camera with me, but got a couple of pictures on my cell phone, and at least one more forwarded to me by my ex-girlfriend.

The happy couple, exhausted after the day’s ceremony:
Bride and Groom
The loyal groomsmen:
Your Loyal PhotographerWilliam
Finally, the reason dollar dances are starting to go out of style at weddings (though I’m to blame for this particular one):
Matthew and Ben
I hope the happy couple is having a great time on their honeymoon in Florida.

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  1. DeltaGunner says:

    As the groom I would like to say that I hate you for the man dancing picture. But thanks for being the best man.

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