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Weekend Update

It’s been a long week. I’ve been doing a lot more lab work this week (which has been great!) as I’ve learned more about the lab, and am able to work longer without having to ask questions. Coursework has also gotten more intense this week. We finished up our module on Genetics and Development on Tuesday, and started Computational Biology on Thursday.

So now I’m relaxing on the futon watching the Discovery Channel documentary on the frozen baby mammoth. They’ve got a big machine that takes the tissue down to -140 and grinds it automatically. I’m envious. But they’re using the same PCR machine I was using this week! Now on to 454 sequencing of the mammoth genome! It’s a hokey documentary (they keep having CGI mammoths wander into their interviews with scientists), but I’m enjoying it.

Hope to return to the Berkeley farmers market tomorrow. Maybe there will be a new mystery vegetable tomorrow.

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