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October 28, 2008

What A Difference Four Years Makes

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“To Those Who Inquired:

This is a picture of me with my absentee ballot. Seconds later, I carried it down to RPU and put it in the mail. I’ve done what I can.

-James” (Nov. 1st, 2004)

I like the democrats chances a LOT more today than I did four years ago when I sent that fatalistic e-mail and that absentee ballot. And that’s even though they’ve lost my crucial swing state vote, as I’m now registered to vote in California, where the swing elections are on things like Prop 2 (Increased rights for farm animals) and Prop 8 (Taking away the right of gay couples to marry).

Here’s my favorite* of the pro-prop 8 ads that have been running constantly in California.

This is essentially the same argument they used back home to fight the proposal to add sexual orientation the school’s anti-harassment policy: If you give these people legal recognition and protection, how can we teach our children they aren’t allowed to be gay?

*Wouldn’t this ad be more amusing if they cut out the guy in the middle and just had the mother daughter conversation set to the dramatic music from Jaws? “Dun dun dun dun dun”?

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