Another Good Day

This week has been more the way I pictured grad school. Up at seven AM again. Worked a nine hour day at the PGEC. I got my badge today. It’s always a cool feeling to be associated with a powerful organization. It was one thing when it was a major corporation, but now I’m connected to an arm of the federal government!

You may have seen the news about the wholly mammoth genome that’s been published (actually it’s less than 70% of the genome, and normally you need 2-6 fold coverage to be considered a reasonable genome.) What I thought was really interesting was the article published in nature along with these results, discussing what technological hurdles remain between us as the ability to resurrect the mammoth.

This guy thinks Iowa has surpassed Missouri as a bellwether state.

Side note:

Breakfast fried rice: Rice (I have a nice rice cooker that was a gift from my parents, and I should really use more) stir fried with bacon and scrambled eggs. Turned out to be reasonably tasty, quite filling and cost about two dollars (for a whole day’s food).

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