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iPhones In Iowa

One of the gifts I received for Christmas this year was an iPhone. Well, actually a gift card for an iPhone, apple has become very picky about allowing anyone to purchase an iPhone without signing up for the service contract right there on the spot. (There’s so much demand for them in foreign countries where it hasn’t be introduced yet, and from people in the US who want to use iPhones on other carriers.)

Anyway, I finally purchased said iPhone at a nearby apple store in Berkeley (located as it happens in an open-air mall which is a much better idea in California than it is here in Iowa (with months of freezing winters and more months of blazing hot heat) yet they’re currently in the process of constructing such a structure in my hometown because open air malls are the “in thing.”) And it’s a good thing I did. It was a lifesaver during my delayed and re-routed trip home. Air travel is a lot less stressful and a lot less boring when you’re able to check and respond to e-mail and surf the web. Plus with a free app called stanza the iPhone makes a quite passable e-book reader.

Getting back into Iowa has been a lot of fun. Hickory Park would never survive in California, but I love it:

And it really is winter here:

Did I mention that with my iPhone, I can now upload geotagged photos (click through to flickr on this photo, and it’ll tell you where it was taken along with a link to display the exact location on yahoo maps):
Matthew with Athena

I am now in complete awe of my friend Ben’s ability with infants. If I ever am in a position where I’m going to be expected to take care of one myself, he’s the guy I’ll call for advice. His little niece is tiny (less than a month old) and smelly…
Monty with Inara

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