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Many people ask me what it is I do in grad school. Well a few people anyway. I never have a good answer. Without further introduction…


When I was home for new years, my dad was really excited about this group he’d found online where people would film their day and edit it into a 90 second clip. So 40+ minutes of film, some odd camera arrangements and two hours of editing later, this clip was born.

Sorry about the poor sound quality, when I had to replace a big piece of my digital camera after making the mistake of packing it in a suitcase that was gate checked last year the replacement I ordered off ebay came with a damaged mic. Normally I don’t take video and therefor don’t notice.

My days aren’t that exciting. But it was a lot of fun learning iMovie again. And filming myself at work called for some odd arrangements:
Pipet tower of video

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The handle on the other side had to be really forced down to open it and it had gotten to the point where the pregnant post doc would have to walk around to enter from the other side of the lab. We’re forbidden from propping the doors opens, so I taped this side down so the door never latches.

Great, James. I liked the squirrel in the morning and the squirrel coming home scenes on either side of your work day.

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