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Chinese New Year

Lots of new photos up on Flickr. On Saturday I went down into San Francisco to see Chinatown in the weekend before Chinese New Year (which is today:  新年快乐 ! <– I theorize this means happy new year, given it’s appearance on so many people’s facebook statuses over the past few days) Lots of pictures.

That night we decided we wanted cake, and took advantage of the fact that I keep buying boxes of cake mix, even though I never get around to mixing them. Resulting in so much cake. Just to clarify, there are FOUR pans of cake in this photo:
Four Cakes

Work is going well. Only two weeks left in this rotation and I’m racing to have something to show for my three months of effort.

This is the year of the ox. The second time it’s come around since the year of the ox when I was born (which for those doing the math means I’ll be turning 24 all too soon.)

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