Hard Drive Expansion

It took giving up delivery food completely for a month, and slashing the beer budget, slashing it to the bone in fact, but I’ve increased my central server’s storage capacity to 7.5 terabytes: 5.5 in internal storage and another two in a myBook external. (Doubling internal storage and increasing total storage by 50%).

It’s really a ridiculous amount of storage for one man. But when you can catch 1.5 TB drives open box drives for $95 (6.3 cents per gig!), ridiculous things become a lot more practical.

Additionally this gave me a chance to use one of the new drives to replace my old 500 gig system drive. I’m seeing much faster and more consistant transfer speeds than I had with the old drive, which apparently was reaching the end of its useful lifespan. I’d already had to replace a drive of similar make and purchase date that gave up the ghost. So, faster speeds, greater reliably, and of course the upgrade from ubuntu hardy heron to the newest version jaunty jackalope.

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