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Relaunched Tomorrow’s Table

Yesterday I linked to Pamela Ronald’s relaunched blog at Scienceblogs. There are over one hundred million blogs on the web (and that’s already an outdated number). Many are abandoned, as for all intents and purposed jamesandthegiantcorn was this summer, but even so, simply getting heard over the background noise is a struggle.

Becoming part of a popular and well known community greatly increases those odds of having the voice to each a substantial audience. It’s been a real treat to follow the discussions the posts of the new Tomorrow’s Table have already launched. I highly recommend checking them out.

I can also speak from personal experience in saying that increased traffic and comments definitely make updating a blog more exciting, which in turn leads to more interesting, and just plain more, updates. And so-on in one of those wonderful positive feedback cycles. Given that I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more from Tomorrow’s Table in the future.

I also hope it is ok that I am a litte envious. Will just have to use it as a motivation to work even harder both here and on my actual research.

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