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Updating the Blog-roll Again

I’ve found two new blogs to link to.


When Biofortified linked to Steve Savage’s post The Bizarre, Modern Coalition of Anti-Science Forces my first thought was “how can it be I’ve never seen this site before?”

Science has a tendency to tell us some things we don’t want to hear at times – something that challenges our core pre-suppositions. Sometimes what science tells us really matters, so just rejecting it or ignoring it can have serious consequences.

I’ve been following the updates ever since and it’s definitely a good place to check out, especially Steve Savage’s work.

Good to Grow

I try to avoid getting attached to new blogs. Keeping up with posts is hard work, it’s not always rewarding, and the internet is littered with abandoned blogs. Good to Grow is a less than a month old plantie blog*, but so far the author has been keeping up a good pace of updates and once I’d learned how easy it would be to steal a piece of my roommate’s Jade plant I was hooked. The fact that a person can make many more Jade plants starting with a single plant gets back to this morning’s post about how plants breeds are a non-rivalrous good.

*Plantie: Like foodie only focused on the growing of plants rather than the preparation of food. I’m started to discover a whole world of plantie blogs through PlantsAreTheStrangestPeople . I don’t know if they already have a better word to describe their area of interest. I suppose horticulture fits pretty well but maybe it sounds too intimidating?

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  1. Liza Wheeler says:

    Thanks James! I’ll do my best not to disappoint you!

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