Ion Torrent Sequencing

I know absolutely nothing about their technology (they’ve been playing things much closer to their chests than Pacific Biosystems), but they just announced they’d start delivering their machines by the end of this year and that they’ll reveal the principles of their new technology in a talk on Saturday.

Marco Island, Florida (where the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference is being held) is certainly the place to be this week.

Greg Baute’s optimistic predictions about the year 2010 in sequencing may prove more accurate than my own pessimism yet.

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I had not heard of them either. When I saw their name I thought it was a file sharing program or something 🙂

I had the same initial reaction. I doubt torrent will ever have the same definition in people’s minds as it did prior to 2001.

I also thought the same thing. Hopefully they put more thought into product design then the name.

I am very interested to learn more about this unheard of tech. Thanks for the heads up I will keep an eye out on Saturday.

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