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Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

I just wanted to draw your attention to a guest post by Eric Lyons over at OpenHelix. Eric is the man behind CoGe, the tool I use for most of the genomics eye candy I put up on this site, and which also makes most of my research possible.

Among other things, he’s putting out a call for more biologists to try using CoGe and provide suggestions for either new useful features or ways to make the features CoGe already has more intuitive.

Changes between version 1 and version 2 of the grape genome. Cool, no?

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in your continuous synteny lines, when you have an abrupt change in orientation is that accompanied by homologous recombination?

Also, when you have those abrupt recombinations do you see any correlation with domestication markers?

What I’m thinking is that they would be rare events inside a population and presumably they would exclude the rest of the breeding population to genetic exchange at that particular position for gene dosage affects, therefore these recombination events present in the resulting progeny of the two populations could be the remnants of positively selected fitness factors.

For example J9

Just thoughts about genetics.

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