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Two More In Progress Genomes

Sweet Cherry and Pear. (You have to scroll down to the bottom of the section, there are a lot of in-progress genomes out there.) Both being worked on by a group at Washington State that was also involved in the just published apple genome (although it looks like it will take a little longer for the sequence itself to come out). Pear is a close relative of apple, while sweet cherries are closely related to peaches, a species for which a truly excellent assembled genome has been released but remains unpublished (the opposite of the situation with apple at the moment).

I’d just like to add this is the first time I’ve been able to add new genomes to the list because someone involved in the genome sequencing projects pointed them out to me. This is an excellent development that I hope to see continue in the future!

More on the sweet cherry genome project.

What would people like me do without public domain images from the USDA?


  1. William Nelson says:

    James, where’s that peach genome? The only one I have (from phytozome) is not anchored.

    1. James says:

      Try getting the genome from here:


      The sequences are still labeled as scaffolds, but 1-8 correspond to chromosomes 1-8 of peach respectively and cover ~220 megabases out of a genome estimated to have a total size of only 220-230 megabases.

      It’s a very nice genome, and I can’t wait for the peach genome folks to get their paper published and release the rest of us from Fort Lauderdale.

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