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August 22, 2008

Travel Photoset!

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I had a bit of downtime today (waiting for a package that still hasn’t arrived) so I finally uploaded a set of photos from my drive along I-80. As always, here are a couple of highlights:

Construction of a wind farm in Western Iowa. I hadn’t realized just how big the blades were for these. It was really impressive.
Assembling a Windmill

The Utah Salt Flats. They stretch on for miles and miles, but there was rest stop near the end where we could get out and wonder out onto them. They win for coolest terrain.
Bonneville Salt Flats

And my favorite picture from the drive actually comes from Nebraska. To me this photo look like an idealized version of the midwest, what we should look like, even if a lot of us doesn’t.
Nebraska Farmland

Berkeley Hike

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Just wanted to quickly point out the new set of pictures I recently uploaded to Flickr. These still aren’t the cross country drive set, I still need to triage those, but pictures from a hike my girlfriend and I took last weekend before she left.

You can see the whole set here, but I’m going to post a couple I find of particular interest:

Here’s a view out over the Berkeley campus all the way to San Francisco Bay:
View of Berkeley and the Bay
And here’s one of the menacing palm trees:
Palm Tree

As always, click for full sized versions of the photos.

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