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Giant Vegetables and Fruit

Some interesting pictures of giant fruits and vegetables in newsweek.

Hey folks. I announce I’m going to be working on my NSF fellowship application all week and you all go break the daily traffic record. At this rate you’ll convince me to spend every week writing grant proposals!

What’s a guy gonna do? Apparently dig up more content to show you guys. Here are some cool pictures of giant fruits and vegetables. The giant pumpkin at the end is a particularly awesome 1725 pound monster.

There are also some pictures of things like giant burgers or giant pizzas but I just have trouble getting as exciting about huge versions of prepared food. Given sufficient money and time, humanity could produce a burger much heavier than 150 pounds or a pizza much wider than 42 inches. The size of these food items is limited solely by human motivation.

Cool mutants and horticultural tricks are way more exciting. 😉

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